The cloud is created in your mind
Flow my tears, the eyeball said

What's it called?

Knowledge is retrospective, and art is an expression of what we know. So how can we account now, for what we will create?

An ever-knot
Everything accounts for nothing,
Nothing does naught.
Never not
I may be a conundrum,
but you are a knot.
So are we,
Or are we not?

Short Stories & Opinion Pieces
This eclectic collective of introspective detectives is made up of stories and articles that can send you tumbling through the eyes of someone else. Do you write? Help me send someone tumbling through your eyes. The authorities on writing all agree, this blog could use more life. Contact me if you are an experimental author with a yearning for the imaginary.

Scrooge the Grouch

Tune in to hear the latest uploads and playlists of the multi-talented, Scrooge The Grouch! He is me as I am him, and we are tall together.

  • The Willow Walkers

    The Willow Walkers sitting on top of a delivery truck, serenading the dogs on the car roof below them

    A soul soothing super group

    With an all-star cast from all walks of music, Fox & the Willow Walkers have an instantly recognizable contrast. Before you know it, some experimental acoustic funk has transformed into the cover of one of your favorite songs. So quit your dilly-dallying!

    Slinging webs on the low

    “So its like a moving puzzle with new parts being added?”
    -Lilithy, Interested party

    “Web development does require math and logic, but figuring out how each part makes a whole is a art”
    -Cthorey, realized ididntrealize

    Coding insaninty extravaganza full of effort